Our Team

Photographing in remote wilderness areas requires a great level of safety, complex logistics and technical knowledge. Therefore we pride ourselves on constantly building a well-oiled and compact team of some of the best contemporary adventurers: sailors, kayakers, mountain guides and Arctic dog mushers.


Vlad Donkov

Co-founder, Outdoor Photographer & Wilderness Travel Specialist

Vlad is a keen outdoor photographer and rock climber with an unquenchable thirst for exploration. His fondness for rarely visited wilderness areas was not left unspotted. He has been working for clients such as HASSELBLAD, Outdoor Photography mag, Berghaus, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Black & White Photography mag and many others.

As a person who takes experiments seriously, he has worked as a full-time photographer in 5 different countries for the last 12 years. Vlad’s strong belief in human abilities inspired him for his solo photography expeditions in the Arctic, which he is best known for. Crossing wild glacial rivers barefoot, digging snow and climbing frozen rocks are the daily chores during Vlad’s months of solitude in the wilderness.

Although he sounds like the Arctic version of Mowgli, he has been invited to give talks at reputable events and venues like The Telegraph Outdoor Show in London, The Edinburgh Photographic Society, The Royal Geographical Society in London and TEDx, as well as at camera clubs worldwide.

Prior to founding Vertical Shot Expeditions, he has led outdoor workshops and seminars, taught at art colleges and earned a Freelance Photography Master's degree in the UK. As someone who has never felt the traditional educational system quite right, he is a passionate tutor always exploring the most effective practical approaches to understanding photography deeper.

Vlad has worked with a large range of film and digital cameras (medium & 35mm format) since the age of 15 and his work has been exhibited all over the place. In recent years he is back to his old obsession for shooting black & white landscapes and photojournalistic stories in the Polar areas.

Check out his work at www.verticalshot.com

Michael Clark

Outdoor Photographer & Adventurer

Unless you have spent the last twenty years meditating in a cave somewhere deep in the mountains of Tibet, you will surely have seen Michael Clark's images.

Michael has been at the frontier of the outdoor photography profession since 1996, following a career change from his former role as a physicist. His work is widely published by magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Outdoor Photographer and Outside. His work is also regularly used by commercial clients such as Nikon, Apple, Red Bull, Microsoft and Patagonia, among many others.

Michael was first invited to join Vertical Shot Expeditions to guide our groups on the remote Patagonian Ice Field, but we are now working with Michael on a range of other exciting projects - these will be announced in the coming months.

You can check out Michael’s work at: michaelclarkphoto.com

Alex Buisse photographer

Alex Buisse

Outdoor Photographer & Extreme Athlete

Alex is an outdoor photographer with a twist – he doesn't just photograph remote areas and extreme athletes, but he practises pretty much every extreme sport that you can think of. He has spent an unplanned night on an ice face in January, climbed a granite spire alone for four days, named three mountains in Greenland, flown from the summits of snowy peaks, trekked through the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego and kayaked with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, among many other adventures.

Early in his career, Alex completed doctoral studies in computer systems. Perhaps few of his teachers would have guessed that instead of working in a lab, today he shoots for clients such as Patagonia, RedBull, Sports Illustrated, Black Diamond and the Patagonian Expedition Race. Despite being so busy with travelling the world, he is constantly being chased by editors of notable magazines and newspapers and a few of them managed to persuade him to publish his work – for example, the New York Post, Outdoor Photography, NationalGeographic.com, Alpinist, Climbing, The Telegraph.

Alex is extremely devoted to his work, both as a photographer and as a tutor. Being adventurous by nature and always seeking to go somewhere less crowded, he logically joined the Vertical Shot Expeditions team shortly after the organisation was founded.

Check out his work at: www.alexbuisse.com


Dominik Bac

Arctic Sailing Skipper

Beware: reading about Dominik could be a bit of a depressing experience – it's somewhat hard to believe that a person in his mid 30s could have done so much:

He has skippered sailing yachts in all latitudes from Antarctica to the high Arctic and in 2006 he skippered the youngest ever crew to complete the challenging Northwest Passage. Dominik's expeditions have been reported in detail by National Geographic magazine and various adventure magazines. He has circumnavigated both South and North America and all together has sailed more than 50 000 nautical miles in all seasons and oceans worldwide.

We have absolutely no idea how he has managed to get a Master's Degree in Travel and Tourism - in between sailing to frozen islands, driving a 4x4 vehicle in Rally Dakar and crossing jungles in Colombia to visit Indian tribes. Apart from being a professional skipper, he is a keen photographer who chases perfect light and elusive moments.


Timo Pape

Marketing Director

Born in Uganda in the shadow of the infamous Idi Amin, Timo takes his adventure-seeking very seriously. A true modern nomad, Timo has lived in 9 countries across 4 continents. When not fraternising with dictators, ducking wars in Egypt or getting caught up in revolutions in Sri Lanka, he spends his time exploring yet another corner of the world, be it by trains, planes, boats, dogsleds or any other means of transportation he can find. In his other life, the one that requires paying the bills and other mundane things, Timo is has been active in the sporting goods business for 20+ years working for such small brands as adidas and now VSE.  His biggest unfulfilled dream remains the purchase of a Defender for an epic road trip chasing sunsets and quenching his insatiable wanderlust... He only needs to figure out how to do that with a dog that gets carsick.


Wojciech Jarosinski

Co-founder, Expedition Planner and Skipper

That man could brew coffee in in any state – no matter if he is skippering a yacht through a raging storm or being in the middle of yet another ultra-marathon. Coffee is essential for Wojciech, just like adventure is.

A sailor, mountaineer, climber, skier, kayaker and... an intellectual property lawyer who has negotiated contracts worth billions of EUR. He is a rare bird: when wearing a suit in the court he feels just as good as when he is climbing a frozen waterfall 500km away from the nearest dry-cleaner's.

Wojciech's secret? His day lasts 28 hours. He has earned the trust to be Vlad's “ 24-hours-emergency-and-rescue-team”person on each and every expedition for the past decade.


Lars Schneider

Outdoor Photographer

Lars is a rare bird. When not mushing dog teams in the Arctic or photographing freeride skiers in Japan, you can find him driving a classic 1971 Volkswagen van across the American deserts with his wife Katrin and their baby son! He definitely seems to have an issue with the calm weather in Hamburg.

His work is widely published in magazines like Men's Health, GEO Saison, Runner's World, Sea Kayaker, National Geographic Germany, Outside and many others... Lars has spent more than 10 years shooting for clients such as Patagonia, Marmot, Garmin, Gore & Salomon, as well as working on his personal projects on 6 continents.

Check out his work at www.outdoor-visions.com

Greg Annandale

Outdoor Photographer

After spending a month on a sailboat with Greg in the high latitudes, where he kept on working hard and smiling through all the freezing cold night watches, we knew that he would make a great expedition leader. It was not a difficult thing to figure out, given that he has climbed routes in the Russian Altai mountains and the Alps and has dived in numerous seas and oceans. He has also been on photography assignments for NASA – not yet in space, but he is working on that.

Greg has forged a remarkable career as a software engineer and educator, in between working as a divemaster in Egypt, a cycling guide in France, and (more recently) as an adventure photographer worldwide, shooting for clients such as Outdoor Photography Magazine, Visit Faroe Islands, Peak Design, Café du Cycliste and many others. Yes – you can definitely say that the man is multitalented.

After living on three continents, Greg is now based in Bristol, UK – although for the reasons mentioned above, he does not have any time left for gardening or having pets. He has films to develop, code to write and photography expeditions to plan.

Check out his work at: www.gregannandale.com