Our Story

It all started about a decade ago in Minnesota with kindly 'stealing' an old Chevrolet van at night. We just badly needed it to... go and photograph the sunrise at a wild coast.


We were two photographers in our twenties: Working for a boring portrait studio business for 14h a day and talking about adventures every time we had the chance. On so many sleepless nights we would sneak out, fill the tank of the rusty Chevy van and venture a hundred miles away to Indian reserves and misty lakes.

That summer we worked in 6 different states. At the end of the season both of us quit and undertook adventures of a lifetime. Wojtek – to become a seasoned sailor as well as a respected lawyer; and Vlad to become an outdoor photographer going on solitary expeditions for months into the Arctic wilderness, shooting for clients like Hasselblad and Outdoor Photography mag.

As years went by, the photography workshops penetrated the market very successfully. Unfortunately, the majority of them resembled a cruise ship experience – squishing 10 or 15 people in a minibus and driving from one scenic parking lot to another.

We knew that the whole experience could be much more fulfilling, adventurous and exclusive.

After years of research we gathered a well oiled team of great skippers, kayakers and mountain guides: Vertical Shot Expeditions was born!

Today we travel in groups never larger than 6 photographers. Our playground is the true wilderness: remote Arctic mountains, islands and rivers rarely ever photographed. We are on a journey to bringing you to places where you never though you'd get to – and this is just the beginning.


If you are curious to find out more, just jump to the Expeditions page and become a part of the story!

We promise not to steal a van this time though!


Vlad Donkov and Wojtek Jarosinski