Every corporation has a long list of 'values' on its website, just because their marketers told them: ‘You have to!’

We are not a corporation though. We don't even want to become the largest photography workshop company or anything of that sort.

It already feels great to be the first organisation that specialises only in authentic wilderness expeditions for photographers. What we strive for is to create adventures that make people dream, overcome challenges and create amazing photographs.

So we’ve decided to put in the list below only principles we don’t deviate from.

What we DO:

  • On our adventure photography expeditions we either use unusual means of transportation or we get to places far into the wilderness.


  • We travel in groups never larger than max 6 photographers + our guides.


  • During an expedition we share with you all the knowledge, ideas and experience that we have gathered for years of crossing glacial rivers, skiing on icecaps and sailing in Arctic storms. Our work is about sharing, not just merely instructing you how to work with a camera or use an ice axe.


  • We grow our team slowly and only take on board people who share our values and are ready to go the extra mile. We also do our best to often use local guides - no one knows these places better than the people who hunt, fish and paddle there every day.

What we DON'T do:

  • Drive a packed minivan in between scenic parking lots and crowded touristic destinations.


  • Make expeditions at places that are just popular at the moment.


  • Copy other workshops. Though when other people do that with ours, we take it as a compliment.


  • Disturb tribes which don't want  visitors.


  • Exploit local people and natural resources irresponsibly.


  • Run expeditions just for the sake of money. We would have opened a casino if we had needed only money.


  • Forget all the people who helped us to get where we are now.