Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What equipment and clothing do I need to bring?

We will send you a detailed list tailored to each expedition shortly after your booking. We will supply all the special equipment except your personal belongings such as gloves, etc.

As for photographic gear – your current camera is usually good enough. What most people underestimate is a sturdy tripod, but we would generously advise you on choosing the best value for money.


Q. Would I be taking part in the usual daily chores that an expedition involves?

On most expeditions: Yes. But just for an hour or so a day!

Sharing a camp or a yacht with a small group requires group efforts in pitching the tents, making the dinner, feeding the husky dogs or keeping watch on the deck. Don't be afraid, we look after everyone's happiness and make sure that you don't have to do something that is dangerous or too tiring for you! Taking part in the group work contributes to the good team spirit, forms great friendships and upgrades you with skills that you could use later on in your adventures!


Q. What type of accommodation should I expect on an expedition?

The most luxurious ceiling is the sky filled with a billion stars, isn't it? The answer to this question depends on the particular expedition – sturdy tents, cosy wilderness cabins (often with a sauna!), yachts, local guest houses, Inuit igloos...

We avoid large crowded hotels, unless it's on the first or the last evening of the trip. But let's be honest: Everyone likes to be treated like a Royal after a couple of weeks spent in the wilderness...


Q. OK, I'm all in! How can I book?

We are glad you asked! Please jump to the booking page for more information regarding bookings and payments


Q. How about charging batteries and backing up my images?

We make every effort to bring a trustworthy power supply unit such as a power generator or solar panels. Sometimes we make stops at small settlements to recharge our camera batteries and resupply with food. On board the sailing yachts usually there is no issue with this as we have generators anyway. However, if we are taking on a long overland expedition, it is best to bring plenty of batteries! You may want to also bring your own solar panel just in case (a good one would cost you less than 150 Euro) – just get in touch if you have any doubts!

As for backing up images – you could bring a photo-bank such as Epson Multimedia Storage Viewer® or a lightweight laptop/tablet and an external hard-drive.


Q. Will I be able to contact my family while we are faraway from mobile networks?

On most expeditions we are carrying a satellite messenger which tracks our GPS position daily and that position could be shared with one of your loved ones via email for no extra charge. When needed we bring a satellite phone, but this one is to be used only on very rare occasions as we save its battery life to use it in a case of emergency. Should you require using it, please arrange it with us in advance so that we buy airtime credit for you. While sailing, we use VHF radios to communicate with other vessels, the coastguard, check weather forecasts and stay in touch if with our skipper when we are on the shore.

Should you absolutely need to stay in touch with someone, it is best to rent or buy a satellite phone/messenger for yourself – it costs less than you may think and we would gladly advise you on the available options.


Q. Is my camera going to work in extreme conditions and do I need to buy a new one?

Most cameras would withstand extreme weather conditions: At least a lot more rain, snow and mud than you may think. Having a backup camera body is a good idea though – even if it is just a point and shoot one.


Q. And what if the weather is too bad?

For photographers there is no such thing as bad weather, what most people refer to as severe is usually the best weather for really dramatic landscape photographs! Safety is our first and foremost priority, so we always consult our mountain guides, sailing skippers and local hunters. If they say that we can't continue our way ahead in the current conditions, we usually have 'Plan B' locations to photograph nearby our base-camp, marina or an igloo.


Q. Do you have a rescue plan prepared?

Always. We don't run an expedition unless we have double-checked the options for evacuation in case of emergency. We bring devices to communicate with the rescue teams. Our guides are very well trained and qualified. However, we are often operating in unpredictable environments and some risks are simply out of our control – we take care of all that is within our scope!


Q. I get seasick from time to time, could I join the sailing expeditions?

Sure, almost everyone gets seasick sometimes – even some of team members are no exception to that rule. However, there are good pills to soften the symptoms and usually you get rid of that seasickness in just a day or two on board – with or without medication.

It's not a pleasant experience, but getting to amazing and otherwise inaccessible locations is worth it. After all, each and every continent or island was discovered by people who had reached it by sea without having pills, electric heaters and showers on board, so in a way we may consider ourselves spoiled by destiny :)


Q. Do I have to carry a heavy trekking backpack on my shoulders?

No! We do our best to provide transportation for all luggage and provisions – horses, yachts, dogsleds, kayaks... If, on some rare occasions, we need to pull sleds or paddle with heavy kayaks, that will be clearly stated in the expedition's description. Usually all that you need to carry is your own photographic equipment when we are shooting on location.


Q. I am interested in a custom expedition just for me and my friends/family, could you do that?

Yes, certainly! Our photographers, mountain guides and sailors have a vast amount of experience with custom expeditions everywhere from the Arctic icecaps throughout the Amazon jungles and all the way to Antarctica! Just get in touch via email and tell us more about your desired geographical area - or let us come up with some tempting ideas for an unforgettable experience!


Q. Are you a bunch of ego-driven old-fashioned adventurers who silently eat their dinner and sleep strictly 8 hours a night?

No, not at all. Honestly, everyone says that we are great fun. We do what we love and we do it with loads of passion – and that just naturally brings us smiles. The expeditions are all about being out there and enjoying yourself in a good company. Wise photographers know that you can't create a masterpiece shot every day – then all that is left is to have a good time in the wilderness and make friends!


Q. I am not madly obsessed with photography, but I like one of your expeditions, can I join you?

Sure, welcome on board: You just need to get used to the fact that photographers have their own way of travelling. We wake up quite early to shoot in the best light during sunrise, we often stay outside when the weather is bad (by the common standards) and we frequently stop at just one location for a couple of days to work on creating stunning shots.

One thing is pretty sure though – by the end of the expedition you would be madly obsessed with photography anyway, consider yourself warned!


Q. Are you planning any photographic expeditions in Space?

Yes, we only wait until the new generation of spacecrafts is properly tested and approved for spending time longer than just several hours in Space.


However, we feel that we are not done with planet Earth yet:

There are surprisingly many great locations not yet photographed properly!