Dogsledding Photography Expedition in the Arctic Mountains of Norway

This photo expedition is a real adventure for photographers who seek to experience a true mountain wilderness in the heart of winter. After the success of the 2015 dogsledding expedition in Arctic Norway, we are thrilled to announce that we will be undertaking this adventure again in January 2016. No previous dogsledding experience is required, and training will be provided before we head to the mountains. If you would like to be one of the few fortunate participants who will join our team, please read on.

In Dividal National Park (Arctic Norway) no snow scooters or cars are permitted. Our small group of a maximum of six photographers (together with some hardworking dogs) will be alone there, with the only sounds being the wind and the sleds sliding on the untouched snow. Each night we will sit in front of the cabin or in a tipi with hot drinks, waiting for the Northern Lights – the expedition will take place during the best time of the year for watching the Aurora Borealis. On our previous expeditions in Dividal we have captured awe-inspiring displays.

The team will be led by the outdoor photographer Lars Schneider, whose work is widely published in magazines such as Men's Health, GEO Saison, Runner's World, National Geographic Germany, and Outside. Lars has spent the past 11 years shooting for clients such as Patagonia, Garmin, Gore & Salomon, as well as working on his personal projects in six continents. Lars has proven to be an extremely knowledgeable and patient photography tutor. You can read more about him on our team page.

By his side will be Jan Klaudiussen - a passionate and highly experienced local guide. In a previous life, Jan was a chef at a Michelin-Star awarded gourmet restaurant – so you can hope for some really good warm food, even far away in the mountains! Nowadays the dogs are Jan's life, and it shows in the way he handles and takes great care of them.

Dates:  19 - 27 January 2016

Group size:  max 6 (+ 2 guides)


guesthouse  - 4 nights

cabins/tents - 4 nights

Spaces available:  FULLY BOOKED

Next edition: January 2017 - link



Brilliant and brave of Vertical Shot Expeditions’ ultra-efficient team to offer a photography/dogsledding trip in the Arctic in January. Most people would shun this based on the temperatures alone but the scenery and above all the lighting (day and night) was absolutely spectacular for photography - well worth enduring -35C. And considering it was the first trip of its kind, our photographer/guides Lars and Jan did an amazing job of balancing the precarious mix of kinetic huskies and static photographers. By far one of the best trips I’ve been on in terms of preparation, organisation and expertise. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Dayle Prowse / Dogsledding in the Arctic Mountains of Norway 2015

Basic Itinerary

On Day One we will pick you up from the airport in Bardufoss and drive you to a lovely guest house for a delicious dinner. On the morning of Day Two, we will harness the dogs in teams and will have a full day of training before the expedition stage. We will check your equipment and will pack all the food and gear that we need for the next five days of our adventure.

On the morning of Day Three we will set off on our epic journey – after the first few kilometres all trails disappear and we will be on our own in the immense Dividal National Park. We will be mushing at around 1000 metres altitude in a true winter wonderland, surrounded by steep mountains and frozen lakes.

The diverse route provides us with plenty of opportunities for creating stunning images, both during the day and at night (when we will be waiting for the Aurora Borealis). As the national park is far away from roads and villages, you will be able to photograph the night sky without any light pollution. It is worth mentioning that our hardworking dogs are also great models, always happy to pose!

On the afternoon of Day Seven, we will head back to the husky farm to enjoy a sauna, warm showers and a well-deserved feast. On Day Eight we will hold a seminar/critique, in which Lars Schneider will appraise a selection of your images from the expedition. Throughout the day, Lars will give you practical advice about editing and showcasing your work. In the evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner together and perhaps another sauna before the last chance to witness some more Northern Lights.

After breakfast on the morning of Day Nine, we will drive you back to Bardufoss airport to say goodbye and make sure that you and your gear travel home safely.

* Vertical Shot Expeditions' guides reserve the right to change the above mentioned itinerary in case of severe storms and other unforeseen circumstances in the best interest of everyone's safety.

Important Note:

Cabins are normally accessible within the daily distances we intend to travel. However, nights in the tent are necessary when deep snow or bad weather hinders our progress. Each participant will ride his/her own sled and will be responsible for feeding his/her own dog team. You should be comfortable around dogs and should know that they eat first - although you will quickly realise that this is well-deserved. The sled and the equipment have to be secured, water has to be fetched and the dogs have to be tended to. In deep snow you will be helping the dogs constantly. The close teamwork of participants and huskies is what makes such a demanding tour into the pure Arctic wilderness a very special experience for photographers and adventurers.

This is an expedition in a vast wilderness area with unpredictable weather and snow conditions above and below the tree line. The facilities often lack toilets, and there will be hot showers on just four out of nine days. The conditions are basic, as you would expect from a cabin or a tent in the middle of a vast wilderness. This combination of factors demands that participants are in good physical shape, and dictates that the expedition schedule is flexible.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting expedition please get in touch with us and we will gladly discuss it in more detail with you.


I attended the Vertical Shot Northern Norway dogsledding photography tour and was not disappointed. The team helped me prepare appropriately with ample emails answered patiently and swiftly! The photographer Lars is first-class - a very knowledgeable guide and a real pleasure to spend a week with. Jan, our dog-mushing guide, was one of the most passionate individuals I have come across. The dogs are his life and his devotion to them, the group he is leading and the natural environment around him is unparalleled. And that’s not to mention the excellent food, beautiful tipis and cabins and the superbly trained huskies that work so tirelessly and with such enthusiasm!

If there is one thing you do this winter makes sure it’s booking yourself on this trip! A wonderful experience. Thank you!
— Mike Krefta / Dogsledding in the Arctic Mountains of Norway 2015


  • Hands-on photography tuition in the field

  • Indoor critique of images (seminar) on Day Eight

  • Local dogsledding guide

  • Your personal dog team and sled

  • A basic pre-trip course in mushing

  • Transportation from/to Bardufoss airport

  • Accommodation (four nights at the husky farm and four nights in cabins and tipi tents)

  • Full-board food

  • Use of sauna (at the guesthouse)

  • Reindeer fur

  • Snow shoes

  • Warm snowsuit

  • Winter boots

  • An extra sleeping bag (to be wrapped around yours)

  • Hard-to-beat online support throughout your preparation

The dogsledding trip in the Arctic mountains was a truly special trip and I loved every bit of it! Living in Dubai and embarking on my first photographic winter expedition, I required a lot of guidance and information with regards to the gear, both clothing and camera. The whole team at VSE was really helpful and patient in helping me understand all of my queries which really helped in getting the trip off to a good start in terms of preparation.

Given that I had no prior knowledge of photography, Lars was extremely patient and nice to help me out in the freezing cold. Needless to say, Lars is highly experienced and knowledgeable - but is an equally nice human being and very considerate to a beginner like myself. Jan, the local guide, is extremely passionate about what he does and a massive animal-lover. He treats his dogs as if they are his own children and his attention to us as a group was phenomenal!

The trip was simply amazing with all the sledding, landscapes, the beautiful tipis and cabins and of course, the beautiful Northern Lights! Also, I certainly miss my dogs. They are so much fun to be with and just want to give you a big hug every day! All in all, this was without a doubt the most amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again in the -35 degrees!
— Elvis Siby / Dogsledding in the Arctic Mountains of Norway 2015


  • Flights

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Anything not mentioned as 'included'

Fitness level:

HARD: This is a relatively tough tour and therefore you need to be in fairly good physical shape. Although we will be on the move for just a few hours a day, deep snow may be a real challenge at times – you will need to push the sled and help the dogs. Therefore it is a good idea to take up jogging, swimming or cycling for a couple of months before the expedition. Since motorised vehicles are banned from entering the national park, dogsledding is by far the most comfortable way to enjoy photography in this stunning area of Arctic Norway!  

Getting there:

The closest airport is Bardufoss.

You can reach Bardufoss via Oslo. There are several airlines to choose from to reach Oslo, with the most popular being Norwegian and SAS.

From Oslo to Bardufoss Norwegian is the only airline that offers flights. We will pick you up at Bardufoss airport.

The 2016 photography expedition is fully booked.

To join the next edition in 2017 please visit this page!